Building a Skincare Routine From Scratch: 10 Things You Must Know

Skin Care

Getting facials are the ultimate luxury. Beyond the smell-good-feel-good products, there’s a certain protocol for effective skin treatment. It’s easy to treat skincare routines as indulgent or recreational—but the ever-growing 5.6 billion dollar industry shows otherwise.

Skin is the largest and most exposed organ in the body. It’s no wonder clear skin relates to positive self-esteem. If you’ve spent years wrestling with your skin or needing emergency facials for damage control, building a skincare routine’s the answer.

Skin care regimens aren’t just for those with dry, sensitive, oily, or acne-prone skin. Skin health’s a priority for optimal health, and building a skincare routine can get you there.

Here’s how to do it.

Building a Skincare Routine

No more wondering about your facialist’s magical ways. Having your own skin care routine’s more intuitive than people think. Follow these steps to see for yourself.

1. Wash Your Face

Easy enough, right? While it seems intuitive, it’s easy to jump steps by washing with exfoliants or cleansers off the bat. The best thing to do is treat your face like a canvas—start fresh.

Consider how you’re washing your face. Do you use soap and water? Your hands or a washcloth?

When following steps on how to make a skin care routine, the following things can happen. You can gain:

These benefits begin with washing your face intentionally.

2. Wash Your Eyes

While also intuitive, the eyes and face may need different cleansing protocol. Everyone knows what happens to long, make-upped lashes when met with pure water—pure, dark disaster.

Consider a makeup removing lotion, pad, or eye cream to remove makeup and protect the skin around your eyes.

3. Apply Cleanser

Washing your face doesn’t mean you’ve cleaned it. Cleansers go deep. They kill bacteria, remove oil, fight acne, and unclog pores—yes please!

Washing your face allows the products to access what’s underneath.

4. Balance With Toner

Now that you’ve accessed deeper layers, you’ll want to rebalance the skin. Toners are a transitional product. They help the skin reset post-cleanser and pre-serum.

5. Repair With Serum

Once the skin’s rebalanced, it’s a good time to apply a serum for repair, protection, and anti-aging. Serums hydrate, antioxidize, and help your overall complexion.

Serums and moisturizers go hand-in-hand. Water-based serums should be applied before moisturizers, but oil-based serums should go after.

It makes sense when you consider the face-feel. A thin water-based product works before a thick moisturizer. A thick moisturizer goes before a thicker oil-serum.

Effective skin care is all about layering.

6. Moisturize

Six steps in, you’re likely getting the hang of how to build a skincare routine. Each application responds to the previous one. Knowing the purpose of each product makes the sequence logical and intuitive at once.

Once you’ve used your serum, you’re ready to moisturize. Our products invite you to feel out exactly what your skin needs. Whether you need a morning, afternoon, evening, or round-the-clock skin-care moisturizer, we’ve got you covered.

7. Spot Treatments

Having a thorough skin care regimen includes having that one blemish stick or emergency pimple product. Depending on your skin type and skin complaint, the following ingredients may help.

  • Tea tree oil
  • Rose water or rosehip
  • Green tea
  • Vitamin E and C
  • Alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA)
  • Benzoyl peroxide
  • Salicylic acid

Knowing active ingredients can gear you towards a resonant product. While the acidic ingredients can be effective, they’re aggressive for people seeking natural skin care. Emkasa makes it possible to use a natural, Ayurvedic approach that’s gentle and successful.

8. Masks

Nothing’s better than a solo night with a facial mask. Among cream masks, clay masks, peel-offs, and sheet masks, you can choose based on what your skin needs. Different masks serve different functions like hydrating, rejuvenating, smoothing, exfoliating, and calming.

Face masks aren’t needed for an everyday skin care routine, but they’re good to have for those crucial self-care-skin-care nights.

9. Makeup

Skincare routines are all for naught if your makeup’s wrong for you. If it leaves your skin feeling agitated, dry, oily, or acne-laden, it’s time to upgrade. Using makeup that complements your skin care regimen—that’s part of your skin care regimen—makes for lasting skin health.

Makeup’s also a chance to invest in ingredients that complement your other products. There’s makeup for dry and oily skin, as well as those with tinted moisturizers and SPF.

Make sure your products aren’t setting you back. Effective skin care routines need cohesion. If you don’t resonate with something, it’s time for a new ally.

Your skin knows what you need.

10. What’s Your Skin Say?

While there are general guidelines for skin health, knowing your skin type’s key. It’s hard to ask yourself how to build a skincare routine without wondering about your skin type.

If you want to go beyond labels like: dry, oily, sensitive, or inflamed, consider your Ayurvedic dosha. Not only do we offer products for your dosha, but learning about the Ayurvedic approach can help you know yourself better.

Beyond applying products, tending to your skin in this way prompts healing. Listening to it, monitoring its response to products, and maintaining your regimen allows for happy and healthy skin.

Perfect Skin Awaits You

There’s no cookie-cutter skin care regimen since no two people are the same. Perfect skin today means building a skincare routine that’s right for you. The steps above offer an intuitive sequence for products, but it’s up to you to choose the right ones for your body.

Emkasa makes that easy. Among endless products on the market, it’s normal to fear your miscellaneous, overflowing skin care cabinet. Emkasa offers everything you need all in one place.

Our products have natural ingredients like turmeric, coconut milk, lavender, rose, essential oils, and more! Each product lists its healing properties for both your skin and your holistic well-being.

Become your own facialist with Emkasa. Explore our products today to see how our ingredients can help your health!


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