Skin Type Chart

The first step everyone should take before trying to build an effective skin care routine is to determine their skin type. Determining your skin type is not as easy as it may seem though, so we've put together a chart to help you.

Keep in mind that you may not fit perfectly into only one skin type. 

Normal Skin

normal skin type

You Have Normal Skin Type If:

• You rarely experience breakouts and your skin is blemish free
• Your skin stays the same and doesn't get more oily or more dry throughout the day
• Your skin appears smooth
• Your skin is not overly sensitive
• Your pores are barely visible
• You have a radiant complexion

Dry Skin

dry skin type

You Have Dry Skin Type If:

• You experience dry or flaking skin and possibly red patches
• Your skin has a tight appearance
• Your pores are almost invisible
• Your skin looks dull and is rarely oily, even at the end of the day
• Lines on your face are more visible

Oily Skin

oily skin type

You Have Oily Skin Type If:

• By mid-day, your face is shiny, regardless of the season
• Your pores are large and visible
• Your skin feels a little greasy & slick to the touch
• You experience frequent acne, blackheads, etc.
Your complexion is 'thick'

Combination Skin

combination skin type

You Have Combination Skin Type If:

• You have medium sized pores
• Your skin is oily in the T-Zone(forehead, nose & chin), while the rest of the face may be smooth/normal/dry
• You experience acne and dry patches at the same time

Sensitive Skin

sensitive skin type

You Have Sensitive Skin Type If:

• You experience redness or irritation with many products, especially those with fragrance ingredients
• Your skin often has red patches and/or broken capillaries around the nose or on the cheeks
• Your skin may be dry and itchy at times